Straight out of the cassette player in a beat-up 78 VW camper, the poorest kid in the richest zip code in Alabama, bottom ten of his high school class, with three broken guitars, and a four-track recorder, Taylor Hollingsworth writes, plays, and records what he calls Folk-Art-Punk-Blues. He just released his ninth solo album titled Country Visions. He’s also the focal singer and songwriter in Dead Fingers, sharing harmonic vocal twists with his wife, on songs like Ring Around Saturn and Another Planet. Taylor is the lead guitar player for Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band and wrote and sang Air Mattress and Snake Hill on the album Outer South. Last year his song Dominos was also covered by Conor Oberst and indie darling, Phoebe Bridgers, in their new collaboration- Better Oblivion Community Center, and was ranked 11 by Paste Magazine, of best cover songs of 2019! Alabama born and raised, quick-fingered Taylor Hollingsworth plays guitar like he was born in the 30’s, time-traveled to the future, and then came back to the present. He’s made a name for himself across the globe with his “Classic” style of songwriting. Hollingsworth’s cosmic approach to guitar is second to none. Finger picking a Silvertone axe with those luscious lipstick pick-ups, Hollingsworth takes you on a tour of his genius, where less is more but more is what you need. A punk-bred bluesman with an artful indie bend.